What we do

Strategy & Planning


We help build a roadmap to identify and prioritize your customer needs and create a blueprint for innovation, growth and competitive advantage. 

Customer Experience


We help you better understand your customer's wants, needs, and intent so that you can provide your customers with a frictionless customer journey. 

Executive Coach


Once your strategy is defined, we help guide you to build an ecosystem that enables your team to be agile, results-driven, and customer-centric.

About Rob and team

Senior customer experience executive with strong background in digital strategy and transformation.

In a fast-paced digital economy with new technology, competition, and globalization, Rob Maille and his creative team brings order from chaos and helps businesses thrive. Rob is a well-respected industry veteran who has advised senior executives and entrepreneurs – from startups to billion-dollar global companies – to deliver long term sustainable success by creating customer-centric organizations positioned for growth. 

The key to the [RM] strategy is its proven Six Pillar process. The Six Pillars is a business development process where a blueprint for growth is defined to 10x an organization. The combination of creating a commerce ecosystem, a customer-centric organization, and an overall synergy within the organization has created a perfect foundation for business growth that makes 10x possible.